Why You Can’t Miss the New Jackson Pollock & Ansel Adams Exhibits

1. This is the first appearance of Ansel Adams artwork at the Getty.
This exhibition is the first time Adams’ internationally recognized landscape photographs will be showcased at the Getty Museum. The showcase also honors Adams on the 30th anniversary of his passing.

2. Adams himself curated a collection of his best work.
The Getty Museum’s recent acquisition of Ansel Adams’ Museum Set was the inspiration for the exhibition. The collection offers an entirely new understanding of his work, since it was personally curated by Adams at the end of his career and includes only the images he considered his absolute best.

3. Museumgoers can see how Adams grew as an artist.   
Featured alongside the Museum Set, guests will also discover some of Adams’ earlier works. The juxtaposition of the two sets of photographs gives guests the opportunity to see how his distinct photography style evolved throughout his career.
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