Language of Light – An Exhibit by Alan Ross

April 8-May 19, 2018

Yosemite and Alan Ross have a storied history. Mr. Ross has been photographing this hallowed valley since he first came to work for Ansel Adams in 1974. Many adventures followed — the camera in tow as he developed his language of light.

In Alan’s own words:

‘For me, a photograph is very much a kind of language. It can be as practical and unadorned as an entry in an encyclopedia. It can be a chapter in a novel, or it can be haiku. And for those of us to whom words do not come easily, a photograph is a language that allows us to express who we are and how we respond to the world around us. I have used this “language of light” for more than 40 years.’

Love, respect, admiration, sensuality, challenge, triumph, power, joy, awe, humility…all are more clearly and eloquently expressed through images like “Spring Rain,” “Tenacity Defined,” or “Cabin Tetons,” than any words I could conjure.’

My visual interests have no real boundaries. I find equal inspiration in architecture, humor, irony, grand landscapes and the tiniest of details. I take great pleasure in noticing how shapes, tones and textures can tell a story or express an emotion.’

I don’t make photographs to hide them away in a box; making a print and having someone respond with an understanding into who I am, what I think, what I feel, and how I view my place in the universe is my reward.’

The Ansel Adams Gallery has hosted a series of exhibitions throughout the years that showcase Mr. Ross’ unique vision, and we are excited to continue this tradition. Between April 8th and May19th, 2018, The Language of Light will be on view in Yosemite Village, with a closing reception for Mr. Ross on May 12th from 4-6pm. All are welcome to attend this event and we hope to see you there!