A Continuing Legacy in Yosemite Romanticism
New Oil Paintings by James McGrew

October 15th – November 25th, 2018

Yosemite Oil Paintings by James McGrew
On Exhibit Now at The Ansel Adams Gallery

Our autumn exhibition, “A Continuing Legacy in Yosemite Romanticism – New Oil Paintings by James McGrew” embraces not only our own roots as one of the longest running businesses in any National Park, but we also pay homage to the role that art has held in the establishment and protection of our most revered public lands.  

James McGrew paints in a style reminiscent of Yosemite’s earliest artists like Thomas Moran, Albert Bierstadt and Thomas Hill.  His skill as a painter and his background in the natural sciences, coupled with his long tenure as an interpretive ranger and naturalist, have all enabled him to carry on a historic legacy aimed at making people aware of the moral imperative to preserve our land, air and water. Throughout the changing seasons – from the grand iconic views to less well known corners of the park – McGrew interprets Yosemite through his unique perspective.

This exhibition features paintings McGrew created while out and about on his myriad Yosemite backpacking sojourns during the past year.  Most were painted en plein air – out in nature – while others were painted in his studio from small maquettes made while working outdoors.

McGrew’s paintings hang in collections around the world. He has shown in numerous national and international exhibitions and plein air invitationals, receiving many awards including Best of Show at Grand Canyon Celebration of Art, five consecutive People’s Choice Awards at Grand Canyon, the Zion Foundation Award, and the People’s Choice Awards at Zion for three consecutive years. Read More Here

“A Continuing Legacy in Yosemite Romanticism” will open at The Ansel Adams Gallery on October 14th and run through November 25.  For those who are able to join us in Yosemite this fall, an Artist Reception will be held on October 24th with James McGrew in attendance to meet guests and discuss his work. We also invite you to explore the entire collection online.

Please contact us by phone at 209.372.4413 or by email at sales@anseladams.com to RSVP or inquire about New Paintings by James McGrew

James McGrew – Artist Statement

“I strive to interpret nature with my brush, not just representing a visual scene, but more importantly, conveying the emotions I felt during the experience. Everything around me is influential – movement, the weather, energy and the light. I want the viewer to feel all these elements and emotions. I hope my paintings inspire others to love and protect our natural world and cherish the interrelationships with the environment and each other.”