Interpreting Yosemite through the Seasons – Oil Painting by James McGrew

It is sometimes easy to forget that The Ansel Adams Gallery began as a painting studio operated by Ansel’s father-in-law Harry Best from 1902 until 1936. Mr. Best’s style of painting grew out of the Hudson River School variety as he ventured into both studio and plain air sessions. Today the Gallery continues this tradition by featuring the work of James McGrew in a new solo exhibit: Interpreting Yosemite through the Seasons, New Original Oil Paintings.

From iconic grand views to remote and intimate perspectives, James McGrew’s most recent original oil paintings convey the diverse moods and experiences of Yosemite through the changing seasons. This exhibit will open on October 1st and run through November 11th, 2017 and will feature both plein air and studio paintings showcasing a range from clearing moonlit snow storms to high water of spring in 2017 to the calm of late summer and Autumn color. The Ansel Adams Gallery will be hosting a public artist’s reception on Wednesday, October 4th form 3-5pm.

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