Brittany Colt Teaches Ansel Adams’ Legacy & Your Digital Camera

Photographing the breathtaking wonders of Yosemite is a lifetime dream. Being able to do so with the expert guidance of an Ansel Adams Gallery staff photographer opens one’s world up to an array of creative and technical possibilities.

Staff photographer Brittany Colt teaching her class in a special clearing surrounded by trees near Cook’s meadow. The same place Ansel brought his very own students.

Staff photographer Brittany Colt (above) teaches “Ansel Adams’ Legacy and Your Digital Camera,” a hands-on class that gets you outside in the field of Yosemite Valley, while learning how to make the most out of your camera’s capabilities. Brittany’s class is designed for photographers of any level, as she caters her teaching style to her students’ varied levels of experience and takes the time to review each individual inquiry throughout the guided process.

In the field shooting after Brittany’s discussion on solving exposure issues and practicing new composition techniques

In Brittany’s class, she takes her students on an adventure to several of the same locations Ansel stood when he captured some of his iconic images of Half Dome, Yosemite Valley meadows, and upper and lower Yosemite Falls.

Brittany teaching abstract reflection photography. Learning to compose Yosemite Falls in a still meadow pond


Practicing long exposure techniques with water in motion

At each location, Brittany introduces a new digital camera technique and a storied perspective referencing Ansel’s teachings and contributions to modern digital photography. Class participants are taught specific rules of photography, and then shown how to break them as Ansel did. Brittany’s teaching style is well paced, balancing personalized instruction, expert insight on tips and tricks, storytelling, and in-depth practice.

Practicing compositions of Half Dome

Beyond acquiring a dynamic understanding of histogram, exposure, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, Brittany instills insight into “how to see” as a photographer. Each step of the way, she shares methodology originally introduced by Ansel on the act of visualizing one’s final composition before snapping the shot.

Capturing cloud formations and playing with layers of light and dark

Brittany’s enthusiasm and graciousness do not stop when class is over. To each of her students, she offers follow-up consultation, welcoming a continuation of the digital camera conversation beyond the outdoor classroom. Each of her students receives a digital outline that covers everything learned in class, along with additional material to help inspire their practice onwards.

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