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The Color of Black and White

Purchase these photographs Join us for the Artist Reception Saturday, October 12th, 3-5pm For the photographer, the art (or skill) of seeing the finished print in the mind’s eye is not to be taken lightly. It is a trait of true dedication – a sixth sense. Ansel Adams was a proponent of the task, and […]

“Sierra Meadow” by Ansel Adams

A Visual Incentive to Protect our High Country Meadows In 1930, Ansel Adams ventured to Yosemite’s high country and photographed “Sierra Meadow,” a work of art that depicts the lush beauty and intricate flora of a garden-meadow. The wildflowers in Ansel’s photograph glow with a luminosity made through a soft focus lens, a technique Ansel […]

Two Friends & A Burro

The Story of Banner Peak, Thousand Island Lake (The Ansel Insider) “I held Ansel’s ass while he made that picture!” What’s that again? That statement remained a joke between Ansel Adams and his lifelong friend Herold Seville for decades. The two took a venturesome trip to High Sierra in 1923. While photographing Banner Peak – […]

A “Tragedy” on the High Trip

(The Ansel Insider) As an avid outdoorsman, Ansel Adams was no stranger to the hardships of camping in the backcountry. Far from the creature comforts of home, hiking miles upon miles each and every day, even America’s most famous outdoorsman could find himself overwhelmed. But for Ansel, the harsh realities of the outdoors were not […]

Tenaya Lake: Jewel of the High Country

(The Ansel Insider) The Ansel Adams Gallery is pleased to offer “Lake Tenaya” special edition photograph, along with a rare version signed by Ansel Adams. The vintage print has been sold. Ansel’s image of Tenaya Lake captures the soul of one of the grandest landscapes of Yosemite. It provides an expansive view that places the […]

Discovery at Diamond Cascade

(The Ansel Insider) By the summer of 1920 Ansel Adams, then 18, had found his passion in the photographic landscapes of Yosemite National Park. With the support of his family, Ansel spent the next four summers as the custodian of the Sierra Club’s LeConte Memorial Lodge. This experience awarded him the opportunity to go deep into the trails, waterfalls and cliffs of the park with his gear and evolving style in tow…

Ansel Leads the Way

(The Ansel Insider) Georgia O’Keeffe, the Rockefellers, and Ansel Adams Go Camping: Ansel Adams’ photography introduced generations of Americans—even those who would never visit the park themselves—to the grandeur of Yosemite National Park. Through his photographs, hundreds of thousands would come to know the splendor of its rugged summits and polished valleys…

How it Began: Photography Education at The Ansel Adams Gallery

FROM OUR CURATOR, EVAN RUSSEL: A dialog with Yosemite begins the moment one steps into the hallowed valley. The towering walls, sleepy meadows and leaping waterfalls all incite conversation. But where to begin? Since its modern day (re)discovery in the middle of the nineteenth century by non-indigenous people, that conversation — whether it be personal, […]