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Gottardo Piazzoni by Ansel Adams

“Gottardo Piazzoni” Piazzoni was a Swiss-born American landscape painter, muralist and sculptor of Italian heritage, and a key member of the school of Northern California artists in the early 1900s. Born in Intragna, Switzerland, Piazzoni moved at the age of 15 to his father’s dairy farm in the Carmel Valley. He studied at the prestigious […]

Ruins of Old Church,Taos by Ansel Adams

“Ruins of Old Church,Taos” Taos Pueblo, a collaboration between a young Ansel Adams and feminist writer and bohemian Mary Austin, was published in 1930 in a small edition of 108 copies. Limited and hard to find, it is considered one of the greatest books produced by San Francisco’s renowned Grabhorn Press. The project was exceptional for […]

Meeting House, Davenport by Ansel Adams

“Meeting House, Davenport”, c.1970, Polaroid, 3.5 x 4.5 inches (center) St. Vincent De Paul Church, in Davenport, was built in 1914 entirely of cement from the local Santa Cruz Portland Cement Company, which had been established in 1906. Ansel Adams made the church famous when he took the photograph above with a Polaroid camera in […]

Petroglyphs Monument Valley by Ansel Adams

“Petroglyphs Monument Valley”: This famous petroglyph depicting Bighorn Sheep was captured by Ansel Adams in 1958, located at Monument Valley, Arizona. Found in all parts of the globe except Antarctica, many petroglyphs are dated to approximately the Neolithic and late Upper Paleolithic boundary, about 10,000 to 12,000 years ago, if not earlier. Although there are […]

Old California Street Firehouse by Ansel Adams

“Old California Street Firehouse”: The style of Engine 15 firehouse has been referred to as “Gothic Burlesque”. Built in 1884, it represents the ‘Gothic Revival Spirit’ that prevailed in San Francisco from the 1850’s; reaching its peak in the 1880’s. This structure was one of the principal buildings of this picturesque style that survived the […]

Mannequins, Movie Lot by Ansel Adams

“Mannequins, Movie Lot”: This gelatin silver photograph, printed in a large glossy 16×20 inch format, is signed and in “Pristine” condition: it is an extremely rare example. The image has an interesting reference to film-noir and cinematography during the early 1940’s, and was likely taken in one of the Studio City movie lots when Adams […]

Gravestone and Church, Chinese Camp by Ansel Adams

“Gravestone and Church, Chinese Camp”: Travel back in time to Gold Rush country with Ansel Adams and his portrayal of yet another marvelous photograph of California history. Located in Tuolumne county, right outside of Yosemite National Park, St. Francis Xavier, was built in 1855 toward the end of the Gold Rush. The region became known […]

Political Sign and Poster by Ansel Adams

“Political Sign and Poster” : The George Creel political poster in this photograph touches on an interesting bit of California political history. A progressive investigative reporter, who famously advocated for the lynching of senators who opposed public ownership of the local water supply and advocated for taking away billy clubs from police officers – he ran […]

Farm Workers, Paul Masson Vineyards by Ansel Adams

“Farm Workers, Paul Masson Vineyards”: In 1959, Ansel Adams was commissioned by the Paul Masson Vineyards, to photograph their winery, he asked Pirkle Jones to join the project. The images document many of the processes necessary to produce a bottle of wine – from plowing a field with a workhorse to the picking of grapes. […]